Commit in your heart to a lifestyle of relational Discipleship.
For many years we have expected that a pastor, leader or even a course would disciple every person that becomes a believer. Not only is this impractical but it's simply not working. God has an amazing solution to this problem and also an amazing opportunity for us - the honor of being part of their journey of knowing Jesus. This will carry no real pressure because you already know the person.
Once someone close to you receives Jesus, you open your heart to help them along that journey, especially in the first few months.
Some examples of this can be
+ Actively involve them in your church
+ Encourage them into baptism
+ Invite them in your community and catch up with them regularly
+ Encourage them into a deeper life with through the Word of God
+ Teach them to walk like Jesus and share with others
God will lead you in how to do this, but we must be willing to help. It won't be a burden, but the greatest privilege.