Daniel Hagen




In 2003 Daniel Hagen was radically born again and saved out of the fake life of ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’. Soon after this experience his band was offered a six figure record deal but was told that “this industry is full of drug dealers and pimps so you need to stop talking about Jesus and stop singing about Jesus if you want any more funds invested intothe band.” Daniel declined their offer and soon began his new mission to be an authentic representation of the person of Jesus in everything that he said and did.

Not long after, he began leading evangelism street teams, radically demonstrating God’s love, power and truth of His Word. In late 2007 Daniel was released through the ministry that he served under to plant Churches. After serving faithfully under this ministry for 8 years God called Daniel and his wife Chelsea to pioneer and oversee Fire Church Ministries.

Daniel now is invited to minister to the wider body of Christ and is the Associate Director of Awakening Australia. He appreciates every opportunity he gets to demonstrate the love and power of God. ‘Signs and wonders following’ have ear marked the ministry and he has a passion to see every Christian experiencing God intimately, knowing who they are in Christ, being a ‘doer’ of the Word- representing Christ where ever they are. Daniel is also the Leader of the Awakening Band, the band that leads worship at all the Awakening events worldwide.

Daniel, Chelsea and the family live in Victoria, Australia.