Welcome to our Guest of Honour page!

Here you will find some more information that might concern you as our Guest of Honour. If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ page or write to us directly at and we´ll get back to you to answer all remaining questions.


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Check in

Check in for Awakening Australia starts one hour before the first session of each day.

Friday,     16th November    9 am
Saturday, 17th November    9 am
Sunday,   18th November    9 am

Please come to the Guest of Honour entrance (we will let you know soon which entrance that will be) and bring your ticket with the QR code printed or on your device. Once you´ve been checked in, you´ll have access to the Guest of Honour area in the arena.

Doors open one hour prior to each session.


We will have more information on this page soon so please check it again before the event.