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Wow, what an amazing moment, you just met Jesus! He will never leave you or forsake you and He is ready to show you God’s marvellous plan for your life.

The whole of Heaven is celebrating the decision you just made and so are we. This is the most important decision of your life. 



When you accepted Christ you got born again. You entered into the family of God and left your old life behind. When God looks at your life He no longer sees your sin and your past. That literally means if you did some horrible act last week, because of Jesus’ blood you are completely forgiven. You are no longer judged. 

Right standing with God is something you could never afford but you got given it for free because of Jesus dying on the cross for you, while you were still a sinner. Jesus, the most loving, perfect and holy man to ever walk the earth became your sin and shame and was crucified in place of you, so that now you can become right with God and just as free as Him. 



The Normal Christian Life entails much more than attending church on a Sunday morning but rather you living a life that resembles the life of Jesus. Normal Christianity includes healing the sick, casting out demons and even raising the dead. The stories we read about in the Bible are also for us today. Jesus made it clear with just one statement. He said, “Greater things shall you do in my name.” (John 14:12).

When you accepted Jesus into your life you accepted Him into your heart. Jesus lives inside of you and wants to live through you.In the same way He has saved you, He now wants to use you to invite others to meet God. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead now lives in and will be seen in you. It’s the power of having the person of the Holy Spirit in you!

Tell someone what Jesus did for you!

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The Importance of friends

God designed us to live in community in order to thrive. We encourage you to surround yourself with people who will cheer you on, edify and support you in your relationship with Jesus. If someone brought you to our event or you know a christian, reach out to them and them to disciple you and take you to their church.

The Bible teaches us once we are saved it is important to be baptised in water. Ask your friend who brought you to the event or your new church if they can baptise you in water soon.

next baptism!

Awakening Australia will be doing a public baptism, and you are invited!

When? November 19th at 6:30PM.

Where? St Kilda Beach (St Kilda Foreshore Reserve + Catani Gardens).

the bible

The Bible is a book that is completely inspired by God. Reading the Bible is of vital importance for your growth. Imagine your best friend or your spouse wrote you a love letter about everything they thought about you and wanted to tell you, the Bible is God’s love letter to you.

You will learn about the characteristics of God as well as His character. You will also see teaching on how to live like Jesus and wisdom on how to stay in relationship with God no matter what may come in your life. Through the Bible we learn more and more about God.

We recommend that you start by reading the book of John in The New Testament. This book gives you great insight into the life, teachings and characteristics of Jesus.

Jesus calls Himself the Word made flesh, which means when we read the Bible we are getting to know and experience Jesus. So anything you see in the Word of God is in Jesus.


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God wants to speak to you, He wants to tell you His thoughts for you. We encourage you to spend some time aline and ask God to speak to you. There are different ways you can hear God, sometimes He speaks through your thoughts, sometimes as a picture, an impression or an audible voice.

It’s important for you to express your heart to God and to listen to His. One way we suggest to do that us to write God a love letter. Then ask Him to write you one back. Write down what you hear Him saying. When you hear God, you can always check it with the Bible. God never contradicts His own Word.

Recommended material

Below is some material that we would recommend you watching, reading or listening to:


When Heaven Invades Earth (Bill Johnson)

Supernatural Ways of Royalty (Kris Vallotton)

Living a Life of Fire (Reinhard Bonnke)

Compassion to Action (Chris Overstreet)

Destined to Reign (Joseph Prince)

Basic’s in 21 Days (Ben Williams)

John G. Lake — His Life, His Sermons and His Boldness of Faith.



(You can search)

Becoming Love (Dan Mohler)

HCSKL (Dan Mohler)

Personal History With God (Bill Johnson)

Identity in Christ (Todd White)

Jesus Culture Encounter, Manchester, UK. (Ben Fitzgerald)

Lifestyle Christianity Full Movie (Todd White)

The Jesus Film



Finger of God

Furious Love

Father of Lights

Holy Ghost

The Passion of Christ


Son of God Movie

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We’d love to hear how you met God + the story of your life. Email us at: